ServerAdmins.NET is owned and operated by Chris Meisinger. Originally starting out as a server administration company, life went down the path of working for “the man” (in an awesome way though) and getting a normal paycheck. 🙂

Chris has been doing systems administration for 15+ years now professionally and has worked on everything from E-2000’s to large scale x86 clusters. Solaris to Windows to just about every flavor of linux, he’s touched on it at some point.

Currently Chris works at a large software development company geared towards webhosting automation. If you’ve got a website, chances are you use their product. 🙂

  1. I run a busy game server and many time we are under small attacks upd port floods and such. I run the game server on windows server 2008 and just ordered a gateway linux based dedicated firewall. They first told me they could network it right so I do not lose the ips on the windows server.
    we have had the same ip’s for over a year. we would lose many clients and wish that not to happen. Can you network the 2 servers together so the gateway just filters what we want out.. We can maintain the firewall once its set up.

  2. So what you want to do is possible, but there’s some more info that I need.

    1. Do both machines have a backup network interface, and can they talk to eachother?
    2. The attacks you get, are they targeted towards actual service ports?

    I’ll email you at the address you left as well to see what I can do for you. 🙂


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