Month: January 2010

Updating the FreeBSD Ports tree, easily…

I'm feeling a bit lazy tonight, and wanted to get an update here, so for a bit I'll show you a handy little tool to update your ports tree on FreeBSD. After [...]

Perl module installation made easy. :)

Hey there! I'm going to show you a few different ways to install Perl modules in a quick and easy way. First up, the one liner. :) perl -MCPAN -e [...]

SSH on nonstandard ports, how to NOT do it. (part 1)

Recently I've seen quite a large trend in customers that use alternative SSH ports. I like the idea behind this but as with most things, I don't consider it a [...]

New Beginnings…

Initially, as you may have noticed, this site was originally myself with several other admins trying to make a buck on what we do best. Just when we'd broken [...]