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Configuring PostgreSQL on CentOS using Saltstack

Recently I've fallen in love with a mass server management system called "Salt" or "Saltstack".  After playing with Chef and Puppet, this thing stands out as [...]

Setting up internal IPs on SolusVM (with CentOS or RedHat)

Hey there, I ran into a bit of an oddity today, so I figured I'd post it on up here to hopefully save someone else a bit of trouble. :) We've recently been [...]

SSH timeouts suck.

So if you're ever connected to a remote machine (or several), and you frequently see this message after you walk away from your term for a bit... Write [...]

Adding custom nameservers and a custom gateway to your openstack virtual machines

This took me awhile to figure out today, so I figure it's worth a post (and we all know I'm WAAAY behind on those!). The problem I ran into was with an [...]

XCache 1.3.0 install – with cPanel and CentOS

Hey there! I figure it's been a little bit, so I've gone ahead and decided to update the XCache installer for version 1.3.0, and my favorite control panel, [...]

Howto enable CGI in the builtin OSX webserver

Recently I've caught myself writing more code on my Macbook and for the first time in... YEARS, not needing an internet connection to actually be productive. [...]