For loops and pillar data in saltstack states

I was tinkering with iterating through pillar data in saltstack and I hit an odd bump. First and foremost, pillar data is apparently only available during the [...]


Hey guys, just so you know, I'm in the process of rebuilding and restoring serveradmins.NET. I hit an odd bug on the FreeBSD 7.4->8.2 upgrade which resulted [...]

Howto show the current runlevel in linux…

Quick one here, mostly for my own notes than anything else. :) An easy way to see the existing runlevel is with the 'who -r' command. root@server:~ # [...]

SSH on nonstandard ports, how to NOT do it. (part 1)

Recently I've seen quite a large trend in customers that use alternative SSH ports. I like the idea behind this but as with most things, I don't consider it a [...]

New Beginnings…

Initially, as you may have noticed, this site was originally myself with several other admins trying to make a buck on what we do best. Just when we'd broken [...]

XCache Tuning for Optimized PHP on Linux

In our first installation in this blog, we went through a basic XCache installation with CentOS, Apache and PHP 5. Now, we're going to look into how to make [...]