SNMP, monitoring, backend, etc.

Intelligent looping in saltstack state files – Testing for pillar data on the fly

So bit ago I made a post about looping through a set of keys in pillar data to populate an ssh-keys file. I'd like to expand on that a bit. I've got a salt [...]

Configuring PostgreSQL on CentOS using Saltstack

Recently I've fallen in love with a mass server management system called "Salt" or "Saltstack".  After playing with Chef and Puppet, this thing stands out as [...]

Setting up internal IPs on SolusVM (with CentOS or RedHat)

Hey there, I ran into a bit of an oddity today, so I figured I'd post it on up here to hopefully save someone else a bit of trouble. :) We've recently been [...]

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something… Orange?

Guys and Gals, Awhile back, I had a list of URLs that were handy to me, as an admin. Mailchecker sites that'd hit up SPF/MX/RBL/header checks, DNS [...]

XCache 1.3.0 install – with cPanel and CentOS

Hey there! I figure it's been a little bit, so I've gone ahead and decided to update the XCache installer for version 1.3.0, and my favorite control panel, [...]

cPanel TCP and UDP ports…

A little post here, more for reference than anything... Here's a list of the common ports used by cPanel for your firewall building pleasure... TCP 21 [...]

A Basic IPFW firewall HowTo for FreeBSD…

Of all the different OS's and the multitude of firewall implementations for each, my favorite has to be FreeBSD's IPFW ruleset. It's powerful, super [...]

cPanel backup and restore for disaster recovery purposes

I've run my share of Hosting operations as a Sr. Admin before and one thing that always *killed* me... Server failures and restorations. Every shop I've [...]

Port to PID mappings, or What process is using that port?

Okay, I'm lazy. I fully admit it. Want proof? Instead of writing up a huge long post articulating something with awesome analogies, I'm only going to talk [...]

Updating the FreeBSD Ports tree, easily…

I'm feeling a bit lazy tonight, and wanted to get an update here, so for a bit I'll show you a handy little tool to update your ports tree on FreeBSD. After [...]