Howto show the current runlevel in linux…

Quick one here, mostly for my own notes than anything else. 🙂

An easy way to see the existing runlevel is with the ‘who -r’ command.

root@server:~ # who -r
run-level 3 May 22 03:54 last=S

Here we show the last boot and current runlevel (3). In order to modify this, you can open up /etc/inittab and look for the following line.


This shows that runlevel 3 is the default one kicked off by init on a bootup.

For what it’s worth, this refers to the directories in /etc/rc.d/rcX.d/, where X is #. The number correlates to the runlevel of your machine, and all of the scripts stored in that directory are executed when that runlevel is enabled.


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