New Beginnings…

Initially, as you may have noticed, this site was originally myself with several other admins trying to make a buck on what we do best. Just when we’d broken the profitability line, an awesome opportunity to work with one of the big names in hosting automation software popped up.

It wasn’t an easy choice by any stretch. Continue with fairly small margins on building my own business better and stronger? Take the opportunity to learn even more about hosting automation and work with some of the smartest brains in the industry.

I took B.

I learned a lot, running my own operation for those months. There’s no substitute for hard work, never turn down a job (no matter how small), and most importantly, never ever get comfortable.

So, that being said, I’d like to do something with this domain to help give back to the community a bit. In my day to day job, I run into some pretty crazy, one off issues that simply don’t have an answer on the interwebs. If I can document a few of these a week, in a proper, well worded and commented way, then I think that’s the biggest way that I can give back.

So with that being said, welcome to the new serveradmins.NET. 🙂 There’s currently no services offered, or for sale here anymore, but hopefully I can help you along your way nonetheless. 🙂


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