Intelligent looping in saltstack state files – Testing for pillar data on the fly

So bit ago I made a post about looping through a set of keys in pillar data to populate an ssh-keys file. I'd like to expand on that a bit. I've got a salt state to provide a link to my internal yum repository. Now my internal yum repository has multiple branches, setup in the style of cPanel. i.e., a RELEASE branch (tied to production) and an EDGE [...]

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cPanel TCP and UDP ports…

A little post here, more for reference than anything... Here's a list of the common ports used by cPanel for your firewall building pleasure... TCP 21 FTP 22 SSH 25 [...]

A Basic IPFW firewall HowTo for FreeBSD…

Of all the different OS's and the multitude of firewall implementations for each, my favorite has to be FreeBSD's IPFW ruleset. It's powerful, super efficient, and most of [...]

cPanel backup and restore for disaster recovery purposes

I've run my share of Hosting operations as a Sr. Admin before and one thing that always *killed* me... Server failures and restorations. Every shop I've been in has [...]

Port to PID mappings, or What process is using that port?

Okay, I'm lazy. I fully admit it. Want proof? Instead of writing up a huge long post articulating something with awesome analogies, I'm only going to talk about one [...]

Updating the FreeBSD Ports tree, easily…

I'm feeling a bit lazy tonight, and wanted to get an update here, so for a bit I'll show you a handy little tool to update your ports tree on FreeBSD. After that, I'll show [...]

Perl module installation made easy. :)

Hey there! I'm going to show you a few different ways to install Perl modules in a quick and easy way. First up, the one liner. :) perl -MCPAN -e 'install [...]

SSH on nonstandard ports, how to NOT do it. (part 1)

Recently I've seen quite a large trend in customers that use alternative SSH ports. I like the idea behind this but as with most things, I don't consider it a cure [...]

New Beginnings…

Initially, as you may have noticed, this site was originally myself with several other admins trying to make a buck on what we do best. Just when we'd broken the [...]

A few thoughts on streamlining your business…

Here at serveradmins.NET, we've handled quite a few different tasks for customers in the past. Several of these have been automating day to day tasks in large scale hosting [...]