Intelligent looping in saltstack state files – Testing for pillar data on the fly

So bit ago I made a post about looping through a set of keys in pillar data to populate an ssh-keys file. I'd like to expand on that a bit. I've got a salt state to provide a link to my internal yum repository. Now my internal yum repository has multiple branches, setup in the style of cPanel. i.e., a RELEASE branch (tied to production) and an EDGE [...]

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XCache Tuning for Optimized PHP on Linux

In our first installation in this blog, we went through a basic XCache installation with CentOS, Apache and PHP 5. Now, we're going to look into how to make it work for your [...]

This is not how you do it… T-Mobile Hacked

T-Mobile Hackers trying to sell Network and Customer data... Wow.  That's all I can say.  T-Mobile is hacked BIGTIME and from the looks of things, I'd say they knew about [...]

XCache and You, Installing XCache on CentOS

PHP has become the de-facto standard for web applications over the past few years.  Bigger and bigger applications are being developed for it every day, and with the advent [...]